Firstly you guys are amazing, and have helped me out put my selflessness to use in the greatest way ever, your service and caring towards patients is mind blowing, you made me feel calm and safe throughout the whole process which for me is amazing. Thank you guys for providing me this opportunity. And thank you all and especially to Charlene for the warmth and care you’ve shown me. 

June 2021

It all started with just wanting to make a difference in someone’s life and being an egg donor was one the greatest things I’ve done.

The staff at Vitalab and Veda was the best, I felt welcomed from when I meet Charlene and I knew then I’m not doing it alone. The doctors and other staff members were kind and very helpful at all times.

It was a journey I’m proud to have gone through and I’m glad I had someone like Catherine to guide me through it.

The process is very short and after egg retrieval process I felt great leaving Vitalab knowing I did something great. I would do it again for many other people.

I loved my journey and I’m very grateful to have gone through this experience with Veda and Vitalab.

Anonymous VEDA egg donor - December 2019

The egg donation process with vitalab was so easy. The staff were friendly and made the process less anxiety provoking.

Sis Veli Maseko, was kind and very caring. The ladies at the main reception were warm ad easy to talk too. 

The extraction process was quick and not painful. I would do it again without any hesitation.

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – November 2019

My journey towards being an egg donor was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life, and I thank Vita Lab for making the entire process so worthwhile and effortless. 

As a first time donor I had my concerns. 

For first, I have no children of my own and I would love to birth my children one day. The paranoia fed to me by my peers and family members due to a lack of knowledge fueled my apprehension…I knew then that this was an opportunity only the Universe would have selected and ordained me for…..I figured, the Universe wouldn’t lead me towards this journey if there wasn’t a family in need of the exact specifications I carry in my DNA and BEing…..And so I did my research (and I mean extensively so) I first researched what the entire process entailed: what would be required of me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually….I watched videos, read testimonials (some Great and some horrific)…prayed about it…I then focused my research on a clinic or hospital that would be able to help facilitate the vision poured into my heart by God. 

VITA Lab proved to be the greatest choice, but I was never prepared to encounter such a great energy and spirit in that place…..Everyone from the car guards/security, Charlene the receptionist, Joy my Awesome coordinator, Dr Volschenk, the cleaning crew and the entire staff welcomed me with such warmth….the hospital became my second home. 

And so I want to take this moment to pass my heart felt gratitude to EVERYONE from Vitalab that was part of my special journey (directly and indirectly). 

To Charlene, Joy and Dr Volschenk thank you for your PATIENCE, understanding and for answering all the millions of questions I had. Joy, a special thanks to you for holding my hand throughout and making the entire process Fun (you have a special place in my heart). I recall during the first week of preparation, I did not take the pills correctly, I was filled with such shame but Joy snapped me out of it and from then on it was smooth sailing..I had no complications at all…Joy encouraged me to drink lots and lots of water, if I think I drank enough I should take more just because,and my ohhhhhh my, My Skin had Never been that beautiful… It’s a habit that now lives with me, water…My new favorite anything:) 

To someone considering this opinion, you really have nothing to lose but all the more to gain…. If you are apprehensive like I was, I implore you to do your own research and know that there is more positive than there is negative. 

Anonymous VEDA egg donor - August 2019

When I first considered being an egg donor I was very apprehensive about the whole process as I knew nothing about it. I wanted to become an egg donor because seeing women (whether a friend, family or stranger) struggling to have a baby is painful and that sparked something inside me. I knew if I could spare someone else the pain of infertility, it would be worth it.

When I arrived at VEDA I felt so welcome and was put at ease straight away by Charlene who was the first person that I met. Charlene began to explain egg donation to me and it became less of an unknown process.

The first step in the process was to fill out an egg donation application form which asked me to describe myself from my physical features to my personality traits. I understand that this is what they use to show recipients to match us. I was reassured the process is completely anonymous and that no one will know who I am or the child would never be able to find me.

I sat down with a counsellor and she answered all my questions and made sure I knew what I was getting myself into. She even came with me to see the doctor who was completely professional and helpful. I also met with the nurses on a few occasions and they were very patient in explaining how I must inject myself.

The egg retrieval process was only a 20 minute procedure and when I woke up I was fully conscious and had no pain. I felt like I could go back to work but was advised against it and I did not need much more convincing to take the rest of the day off (with a Doctor’s note).

I would definitely donate with VEDA again and I tell everyone who will listen to do the same as it is such a rewarding feeling knowing you are helping other women. If I can make a difference and bring happiness and make just one other person smile, so can you! So why not consider becoming an egg donor too.

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – October 2014

My experience as a VEDA egg donor has been extremely rewarding, comfortable and eye-opening.

I was first introduced to the concept by Calista and after the session with the counsellor I was convinced that this was something I had to do. I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to give something to a woman who was looking for something I was throwing away every month (my eggs!).

Every Doctors sessions was quick, comfortable, and painless. The doctors were all friendly, helpful and patient. I found the nurses extremely helpful as well, even when I struggled with delivering the first few injections by myself.

I had never been under conscious sedation before, so I was a little nervous when I arrived at the clinic for the egg retrieval, but the nurses and other staff were efficient, kind and thoughtful.

I awoke after the egg retrieval and left the clinic soon afterwards with no discomfort.

My experience as an egg donor is something I have shared with friends and family and have urged them to become VEDA donors as well. It was utterly rewarding to be able to give something of myself which I was not using to someone who would make use of it to enrich their own lives; and from a technical point of view, it was even better and easier than going to the dentist!

I would definitely donate again.

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – September 2014

When I first heard about egg donation I was amazed that something like that really happens. I knew it was something I would love to do from the word go. I am a mother of 2 and I regard my children as my best achievement  to date. And for me to donate my eggs and make someone feel the same feelings I feel about my children was so appealing. I started researching more about Egg Donation and even had a conversation with my mother who then referred me to VEDA. She told me to register with them as she believed they had the best team of experienced doctors and Co-Ordinators as well as counsellors who were to help me in my journey to present someone with the gift of life.

Although I had done my research on the VEDA and Vitalab  website which was very informative and helpful I still felt uneasy. I called the main reception and a friendly consultant made a booking for me I remember feeling so excited I couldn’t wait to start with the process. On my appointment day I met Candice the counsellor who was so kind to answer all my questions, She also took me through for a scan which made me excited as it was a free gynae check –up an advantage to me. I then met with the doctor who also gave me more information and answered all my questions from a doctor side of view. Not to forget the co-odinator (Veli)  who helped me with my injections and had to check up on me almost every day to see if I am well it made me feel cherished. I thank my mother for telling me to go with VEDA that was the best choice she could have done. I stay in Pretoria, I travelled to Morningside every appointment and I loved it as far as it was for me I still chose to do it. It was not about money  but  fulfilling someone’s dreams of being a parent.  I still thank VEDA for their love and support and I will definitely donate again with them.

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – June 2015

My experience donating at VEDA was quick, efficient and very fulfilling.

I was managed and helped by caring and qualified individuals who continually prioritised the needs of the donors and the clients above all else. I was counselled, guided and kept well informed by staff that were available to assure me and answer any queries, and were in constant contact with me during the entire process.

They understood that being able to assist in creating families is a gift that should be honoured.

I would gladly donate again.

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – May 2015

Just a random message…
I just wanted to let you know that I’m really looking forward to donating through VEDA again.

This donation process has not been anywhere close to as easy or personal as with VEDA, and the nurses and doctors at the clinic.

So there’s my random thought for the day 

Have a super weekend!

Well done to all of our doctors and nurses!

Have a wonderful Friday 

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – September 2016

Today I would like to take the time and thank each and every Vitalab staff member.

The Vitalab team are really a group of remarkable people. I started a journey with you in July already and have been there so often it started to feel like home. But with every visit, phone call or email everyone from sisters, doctors, receptionists, nurses, basically everyone, I was treated like a VIP.

I still remember my visit to Dr Volschenk and finding out I have to go off a certain medication and return after 12 weeks. Feeling disappointed I left, the next day Charlene phoned and said a couple chose me as their donor and they are willing to wait the 12 weeks with me.

To my recipient couple, thank you for choosing me to help you with something so special. The patience you showed during the dreaded 12 week wait says a lot about the 2 of you, it is an amazing quality. I don’t have children of my own and that was my choice, I can’t imagine how it must feel not being given that choice.

I went in for the retrieval process on Thursday and felt super confident that I was making the right choice. After waking up the nurse greeted me with a little gift… thank you so much!

It would have been the biggest honor to meet you and have feedback with the process onwards.  Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I only wish the best for you!

This has been a life changing experience for me. I would not hesitate recommending Vitalab to anyone and would love to be able to help again, so please let me knowJ

Kindest Regards

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – December 2016

VEDA and Vitalab are such such wonderful organisations that literally give life to women in need.
I was so very happy to be a part of that!
They made me feel comfortable during the entire process and made sure I was always aware of all the medication and processes involved with donating.

I have donated twice now to women in need, and have been recommended to only do it once more. I wish I could do it again and again!! It is an amazing experience!  Thank you, Vitalab for really taking care of me during my donation process. I’ll be seeing you next year for my final donation!

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – June 2018

“Thank you very much for affording me the opportunity to donate and help someone with a family of their own.

I would also like to thank you and the staff at VEDA for being very professional and patient with me, you really made it a great experience, even though it was a bit scary at first. At the end of the process I was happy with how everything went and would really, if at all possible, like to donate again at your lab.”

Anonymous VEDA egg donor – Nov 2018