Vitalab has been on the forefront of fertility treatment for over 30 years. As a result, the facilities at our immaculate premises lend themselves to supporting the complete egg-donor journey. Being located within the Vitalab fertility unit it enables VEDA to control and monitor the entire egg donation programme from Donor to Recipient. This comprehensive, holistic approach is not offered by brokers, as they have no direct involvement with your medical care.

By handling each step of the process from our clinic in Morningside, VEDA makes the egg donation programme as hassle free as possible, under the strict guidance of highly experienced Fertility Specialists. No longer do you need to communicate with multiple companies and people. At VEDA, everyone involved in your Egg Donation programme is on site and ready to assist you.

Vitalab Egg Donation Agency – VEDA – announced almost a year ago the availability of Frozen Donor Eggs through their Frozen Egg Bank. It is South Africa’s only frozen Egg Bank which allows recipients a selection of eggs already having been recovered given them the ability to move immediately into treatment and most importantly an equivalent success rate to traditional fresh donor egg treatment cycles. When frozen donor eggs are used, the need to manage the donor in relation to the recipient disappears which results in simplicity and a vastly more efficient programme for patients.

This also results in significantly reduced costs to the recipient couple with the same successful pregnancy rates as if you were to use fresh donors obtained through Donor Brokers.



Become a patient at Vitalab. Fill in our online enquiry form and reception will get back to you with the available appointment times and forms.


Consultation by Fertility Specialist at Vitalab. Get a full evaluation and treatment plan from a Doctor at Vitalab. We have 5 amazing Doctors, you can read about them here:


Choose Egg Donor Programme – Fresh or Frozen. Vitalab offers fresh or frozen egg donor programmes. You can also select to share the eggs (and thus costs) with another couple. All these options will be explained to you in detail at Vitalab.


See a Vitalab Counsellor – will assist you on this journey. They will partner with you on this journey and offer you invaluable emotional support.


Choose an Egg Donor – either fresh or frozen. You will be given a username and password from VEDA to access the online portal containing all available egg donors. You can then browse these eggs donors and select your top choices or favourite donor. Once you have made your final decision and choose a donor on the Portal, VEDA will contact you to arrange further booking details and next steps.


Begin treatment cycle. Now you can begin the actual treatment cycle at Vitalab while still being supported by all the staff related to your cycle (Doctor, Nurse).