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Egg Bank

SA’s First Egg Bank

SA’s First Egg Bank
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 About Us

The Vitalab Egg Donation Agency (VEDA) empowers women to help others achieve their dream of starting a family. With compassion and cutting-edge technology, our team of experienced doctors gives you the chance to present someone with the miracle of life. Our medical professionals provide patients with a fully serviced frozen egg bank and fresh donation cycles in one location. VEDA is South Africa's first functioning frozen egg bank with numerous ongoing pregnancies.

We accept donors of all ethnic backgrounds and races for the programme, to allow us to select the ideal donor for each recipient. Women during a normal menstrual cycle will lose 100 - 1000 eggs in preparation for the possibility of one egg to fertilize. Meaning that VEDA egg donors, will not be losing any additional eggs during their donation cycles. Donating eggs does not reduce the donor’s chances of becoming pregnant at a later stage.

To be accepted as an egg donor, the patient must undergo a free clinical examination of their reproductive system together with a vaginal ultrasound; blood tests which provide valuable information regarding their own fertility and their state of health.

We assess your egg quantity by looking at your ovaries through a vaginal ultrasound done with in your first visit to VEDA. We confirm the absence of illnesses such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), hepatitis B & C as well as the blood group. Routine drug screening is also performed on all egg donor applicants. The egg retrieval procedure at VEDA is quick and painless, and there are no cuts or stitches. Our team of in-house doctors, embryologists and nursing sisters will ensure that each donor is given special attention and unparalleled care.

Donors who have had Tubal Ligation procedures, also commonly known as having one's tubes tied, are still able to participate in the egg donation programme as this procedure does not affect your ovaries.

In addition, VEDA egg donors can expect:

  • Complete anonymity
  • Compensation of R10 000 for reasonable expenses incurred
  • Zero medical costs as these are all covered
  • Very little time taken off from work
  • Face to Face consultations with our experienced team members
  • Zero risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)

Frozen Egg vs. Fresh Egg Donation

Having eggs frozen immediately after retrieval allows egg donors to donate on their own schedule, they do not need to wait for a recipient's cycle to be synchronized which is sometimes the longest part of the egg donation process. VEDA is the only facility in South Africa that currently offers this service.

Basic requirements to be an egg donor

    • 18 - 32 years of age
    • Body mass index (BMI) of 29 or less
    • Live in South Africa
    • Matric
    • Drug Free

Please note that should you declare that you are drug free for the last 3 months from all 5 mentioned substances, and then test positive on the urine test at your first appointment at the Clinic, you will be held liable for the fee of the urine test which is R300 payable on the day.

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator


Possible risks

Some women may experience side effects including tenderness in the breasts or ovaries, fluid retention, and moodiness. These can take up to two weeks after the egg collection to disappear completely. There are risks to this procedure that are extremely rare and will be discussed during the consultation with the doctor.